Stanley Chirambadare

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Stanley Chirambadare
Stanley "Samora" Chirambadare
BornStanley Chirambadare
EducationHighfield High
  • Footballer.

Stanley "Samora" Chirambadare is a former Dynamos Football Club player who was very popular for his defensive skills.


He did his secondary education at Highfield High School.

Football career

Chirambadare is said to have started playing for Dembare juniors in 1981 but was only able to take his football seriously when he had finished his advanced level studies in 1984.[1] Chirambadare is said to have been a very good player but his career is also said to have been a hampered by the player's indiscipline which saw him being suspended several times in a season.[1]

Coaching career

Stanley was once the assistant coach at Dynamos before some misunderstanding with the club authorities ,which saw the termination of his contract.


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Ministry and Evangelism

The player is said to have been a heavy drinker at one point but chose to leave his ways and turn to God. This saw him establishing a movement called Athletes In Action which sought to spread the word through sport. He also happens to be a Minister at Life Ministries ChurcH.[1] He was quoted saying that his plan to spread the word to athletes was because most of them played for clubs that believed in juju.


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