Sunrise Agri Farm Greenhouses

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Greenhouse Construction in Zimbabwe

Greenhouses by the best greenhouse builders in Zimbabwe, Sunrise Agri Farm. A Greenhouse allows a farmer to control the weather needed for optimum plant growth. We are a leading designer and installer of greenhouse tunnels, greenhouse products and accessories. Although Sunrise Agri Farm is based in South Africa, many successful projects have been undertaken in Zimbabwe. We are a trusted name for greenhouse tunnels sales in South Africa and other parts of Africa, coming to you with a wealth of experience.

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Greenhouse & Tunnel Farming in Zimbabwe

Greenhouse Structures

We make all types of greenhouses from single span tunnels to multi span tunnels solutions of any size.

Nethouse Structures

Sunrise Nethouse structures are designed to reduce damage to the crop which may be caused by insects, wind and hail.

Irrigation Systems

We supply three types of irrigations systems, overhead irrigation, drip irrigation and Sprayer / Sprinkler Irrigation.

Tanks and Pumps

We guarantee water security for farming, domestic household or industrial use, through JoJo Water Storage Tanks and durable pumps.

Greenhouse Plastic Cover

Sunrise Agri Farm makes use of high quality 200 micron, UV resistant greenhouse plastic imported from Israel to cover our structures.

Customer Support

Get in touch, we are here to help you build your desired greenhouse and maintain the structure to maximise productivity of your investment.

Why Choose Us

  1. We offer a 2 years guarantee on all our structures
  2. We don’t make use of B Grade steel we only use AA grade steel
  3. We can handle big orders and we work on a 10 day turnaround time
  4. Our design caters for high wind areas
  5. We offer you a complete farming solutions
  6. We have supplied greenhouse structures all over Southern Africa

Advantages of Greenhouse Production

  1. Off-season crops.
  2. Allow to establish the most suitable climatic conditions for each crop and stage.
  3. Biggest productions and better quality.
  4. Greater control of pests, weeds and diseases.
  5. Greater protection and / or control against extreme weather conditions.
  6. More efficient use of productive resources.
  7. What are the advantages of greenhouse?
  8. What are the advantages of greenhouse?

One of the main advantages to growing in a greenhouse tunnels is that it offers you a longer growing season. Temperatures don’t vary as much within a greenhouse, since the sun’s radiation is trapped in the enclosure, retaining the heat within the structure. Growing seasons can be extended, even in cold climates.

Why do plants grow better in a greenhouse?

Plants do grow faster in the greenhouse because in a greenhouse eco-system the temperature is more controlled, the carbon dioxide content is higher as compared to the outdoor which is very important for plants growth. … These all factors contribute to make the plants grow faster in a greenhouse.

Why do farmers use greenhouses?

Today, entire crops and fields utilize greenhouse technologies to produce more food with higher crop yields.Food growers can reduce or eliminate the use of harmful pesticides, which is essential for organic farming. Greenhouses protect plants from adverse weather events such as hail, snow, and intense heat and cooling.

What is the importance of greenhouse for plants?

Greenhouses may be used to overcome shortcomings in the growing qualities of a piece of land, such as a short growing season or poor light levels, and they can thereby improve food production in marginal environments. Greenhouses are often used for growing flowers, vegetables, fruits, and transplant.

Greenhouse Design

A free-standing greenhouse can have a hoop (Gothic or Quonset) or gable roof shape. The gothic shape is the most popular today as it sheds snow easier than the hoop shape. The square foot cost of a Greenhouses do not maintain the heat that is built up during the day.