Supa Mandiwanzira

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Supa Mandiwanzira

Supa Collins Mandiwanzira (is a journalist, politician and founder of Zimbabawe's only privately owned radio station, ZiFM Stereo. An internationally acclaimed journaist, Mandiwanzira rose to national prominence in the 2000s when he became the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and Reuters correspondent. He is known for hosting hot busines shows on the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC-TV) such as Talking Business With Supa. Following his party, the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front's victory at the July 2013 elections, Mandiwanzira was appointed Deputy Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services. He is also former black empowerment organisation, the Affirmative Action Group (AAG)


Mandiwanzira was born and bread in Mutare's Sakubva Suburb. He is married since 1998 and has three children, two girls and one boy.[1]

Journalism Career

He started his career working in financial print media. He then moved to ZBC where he worked for five years as a business and financial reporter. He then worked for BBC and Reuters financial Television after obtaining a Masters Degree in International Journalism with the City University of London.[2] He quickly became the London correspondent of Summit Television. The latter was a new business news channel based in South Africa. Withing some time Mandiwanzira was appointed managing director of the African Business Connections until 2002 when he became chief executive officer of Mighty Movies. The latter produced some of the best local shows such as Talking Business with Supa and MISS Tourism World 2006 (Tanzania). He then worked for SABC, South Africa’s State broadcaster and Al Jazeera English, as the Zimbabwe correspondent.[3]

Political Career

Mandiwanzira, who never thought he would became a politician, had been a strong admirer of ZANU PF before joining politics. He had to respond to the call of Mutare's people however. Mandiwanzira is reported to have been invited by the Mutare community leaders there who thought he could use his influence to uplift the community through representing them.[4] In 2013, he contested in his first ever political election, and won a ticket in the ZANU PF primary elections unchallenged.[5] He went on to contest in the harmonised election and won the Nyanga South seat after which he was appointed Deputy Minister of Information.


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