Tambu Makinzi
Tambu Makinzi
BornTambudzai Makinzi

Tambu Makinzi is a Zimbabwean woman who is based in Cape Town, South Africa. Tambu is currently suffering from Chrondrosarcoma, a rare type of cancer and is supposed to go for a special operation in England. Many campaigns were organised to assist Tambu to raise money to go to England and as of yet, more than 37 000 pounds has been raised. The Zvirikufaya na Keda facebook page has been one amongst the numerous pages that has so far been utilised to help Tambu.


Tambu was born in 1988 and she is a married to Paddy and the two have a daughter, Pearl.

Tambu's nightmare

Tambu was diagnosed as as suffering from a rare form of cancer called Chrondrasarcoma. She was told that she was supposed that to go to England for a special operation.[1] Tambu was unable to pay for her medical bills and various people took it upon themselves to help Tambu. They utilised social medias such as Whatsapp, Facebook to enlighten people about Tambu's condition.

Rumbi Bvunzawabaya and Dr. Brighton Chireka who are based in the United Kingdom (UK), began to run a campaign, GoFund Me in a bid to help Tambu and they raised more than 28 000 pounds.[1] The Zvirikufaya naKeda Facebook page, managed to raise more than 8 000 pounds.[1]

Dr. Chireka managed to liaised with Professor Iain Hutchinson of St Bartholomew's Hospital in England.[2] The founder of UK Oral Cancer Research Group offered to operate Tambu for free but Tambu was supposed to cater for some hospital facilities.[1] The provisional booking for her to be operated was done and Tambu is due to fly to England for a life saving operation.[2]

Tambu's video

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