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Teemak real name Tawona Ozwell Chipunza is a controversial Zimbabwean entrepreneur, music promoter and musician.


In an interview with The Herald, Teemak said he moved to Malaysia after he finished his Grade 7 studies and did his high school and university there.[1]

Real Name

Tawona Ozwell Chipunza.[2]


Teemak was born in December 1996.[1]


Teemak has a sister named Namatai Chipunza.[3]


Teemak studied computer science in Malaysia.[1]


Forex Trading

Teemak said he first worked as a salesman for a UK investment company that had a Malaysian branch. He did sales from age 19 to 21 before deciding to form his own company called Maximus Capital, a hedge fund based on forex trading.[1]

In 2020, investors based in the United States, Germany, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and China lodged police reports in their various jurisdictions against Teemak.[4]

In September 2020 Teemak was held hostage by some Turkish men who wanted their money back.

The investors who were owed money by Teemak laid siege to his home and declared that they would not leave until they got all of their money back.[5]

Music Promotion

As a music promoter he rose to fame after he bought Enzo Ishall for US$100 000.[1]


Teemak - Songs Of Love [Official Music Video]
Teemak - Ndisina Iwe (Official Dance Video)


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