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Templates produced via the Cite doi template need to be formatted consistently so they match the reference formatting of all the articles in which they are used. Therefore, they are formatted under the following guidelines. The correct formatting is maintained by Citation bot. Please do not use the Cite doi template in articles whose references are formatted differently. (You could subst: the template and change its formatting in the article, or modify the article to use this mode of formatting if appropriate).

Citation template
Template:Cite journal
Author formatting
Smith, A. B. (not "Smith, Arthur Brown"; initial separated by a single space)
The usual guidelines for wikilinking apply: only use |author1-link= if the link adds value to the citation.
Page number formatting
first and last page numbers written in full; for instance, R100–R101
If a month or season may help locate a journal article, specify it with the |date= parameter (e.g. |date=Sep 2009 or |date=Winter 1988). Do not specify the |day= or |month= parameters.
The URL should point to (in descending order of preference):
  • Free access to the full text of the article on the publisher's Web site
  • Free full text on an author's Web site (if no copyright issues)
  • Free full text on an advert-supported Web site
  • Free proofs/drafts on an author's personal Web site (if no copyright issues)
  • Avoid adding links to articles located behind a paywall. The DOI link already takes care of that.