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The infobox may be added by pasting the template as shown below into an article. All fields are optional and unused parameter names can be left blank or omitted.

[[File:{{{image}}}|{{{image size}}}|alt={{{alt}}}|{{{alt}}}]]
Other appellation(s){{{othername}}}
Resting place{{{resting_place}}}
Nation from{{{nationality}}}
Years active{{{years_active}}}
Notable role{{{role}}}
Known for{{{known_for}}}
Weight[convert: invalid number]{{{weight}}}
Height[convert: invalid number]{{{height}}}
Named after{{{namedafter}}}
{{Infobox animal
| name                    = 
| image                   = 
| image_size              = 
| caption                 = 
| birth_name              = 
| othername               = 
| species                 = 
| breed                   = 
| gender                  = 
| birth_date              = 
| birth_place             = 
| death_date              = 
| death_place             = 
| resting_place           = 
| resting_place_coordinates = 
| nationality             = 
| occupation              = 
| employer                = 
| role                    = 
| years_active            = 
| known                   = 
| tricks                  = 
| awards                  = 
| title                   = 
| term                    = 
| predecessor             = 
| successor               = 
| owner                   = 
| parents                 = 
| children                = 
| weight                  = 
| height                  = 
| appearance              = 
| namedafter              = 
| website                 = 


Parameter Explanation
name The given name of the animal. Use the common name, typically name of article, if multiple names are used. If omitted or blank it defaults to the name of the article.
image Image file name. Use only the file name such as abc.jpg, xyz.png, 123.gif, etc. Do not use syntax such as [[Image:abc.jpg]] or [[Image:abc.jpg|200px]].
image_size For example, 150px
caption Photograph caption. Try to include date of photo and the photographer.
birth_name Name at birth if it has changed since birth.
othername Other appellation(s) that the animal has been known by.
species The scientific (aka "Latin") species name of the animal.
breed The breed of the animal.
gender The gender of the animal.
birth_date Date of birth. Consider using {{birth date and age}} if the animal is living, otherwise use {{birth date}}.
birth_place Place of birth: town, city, state, country.
death_date Date of death. Consider using {{death date and age}}.
death_place Place of death: town, city, state, country.
resting_place Name of cemetery; place of ash-scattering, etc.
resting_place_coordinates Coordinates of cemetery; place of ash-scattering, etc. using {{coord}} with display=inline,title. For graves, please be as precise as possible.
nationality The country the animal is from.
occupation The occupation(s) animal is known for, e.g. pet, mouser, actor.
employer The employer of the animal.
role If the animal is/was an actor, insert any famous roles the animal is known for.
years_active The years that the animal was active in its career. Use the format:

year of first professional performance–year of final professional appearance

Note: If still active, use "present" in place of the end year.
known A brief description of why the animal is notable.
tricks Notable tricks the animal has been trained to perform.
award Any awards won.
title Any title the animal has held.
term The years the animal held the title listed above.
predecessor The name of the animal who previously held the title listed above.
successor The name of the animal who subsequently held the title listed above.
owner The animal's owner.
parents The names of the animal's notable parent(s) (<br />).
children The names of especially notable offspring of the animal(<br />).
weight The weight of the animal (should also include the date).
height The height of the animal (should also include the date).
appearance The appearance of the animal.
namedafter Who or what the animal was named after.
website The animal's official website. Use only the link such as http://www.example.com/. Do not use syntax such as [http://www.example.com/].


This template emits a "species" (or "biota") microformat.

The microformat is created by the use of class="biota", and classes for individual taxonomic ranks, such as class="domain" in a span around {{{domain}}} (full list). Please do not change or remove those classes other than as part of development of the microformat. For background information, see microformats on Wikipedia and the microformat specification.