Tendai Munyanduri
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OrganizationNew Patriotic Front

Tendai Peter Munyanduri is an Engineer, politician and leader of the Natonal People's Front (National People’s Front) in 2022, the New Innovative and Modernisation Front. In the 2018 harmonized election Tendai contested as a presidential candidate.

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In October 2022, before the 2023 elections, the National People’s Front (NPF) was rebranded to the New Innovative and Modernisation Front (NIMF). The new name represents the direction and approach that the party is taking going forward - looking to innovate, we are looking to modernise, we are looking to reopen the industry, and we are looking to give people jobs. The NPF name change was also necessitated by the need to prevent confusion as there are three political parties using the abbreviation NPF. [1]

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