Thabani Mpofu

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Thabani Mpofu

Thabani Mpofu is a Zimbabwean lawyer and a constitutional expect. Thabani is [[Nelson Chamisa's lawyer, in 2018 he represented the MDC Alliance in the Supreme Court when the MDC Alliance was challenging the presidential results as announced by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission.

Notable cases

Zuva vs Don Nyamande and Kingston Donga

Thabani with the assistance of Nelson Chamisa represented Zuva. The full Supreme Court bench dismissed an appeal by two former Zuva Petroleum (Pvt) Ltd managers, who took their former employer to court challenging the termination of their employment contracts on notice.[1]

Challenging Election results

Advocate Thabani Mpofu said that they were challenging the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) and not ZANU-PF who were the beneficiaries of Zec’s alleged manipulation of results. Mpofu also said that they were working with a huge team of local lawyers and internationally recognized constitutional lawyers to challenge the presidential results. He highlighted that his team was being harassed to prevent them from filing the challenge.[2]


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