Thandekile Moyo

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Thandekile Moyo

Thandekile Moyo is a Zimbabwean writer and social justice and human rights advocate. She is an autobiographical writer who is passionate about justice, human rights and accountability. She believes in speaking truth to power and hope for a more just and truthful world.


Thandekile holds an honors degree in geography and environmental studies from the Midlands State University in Zimbabwe. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, she intended to use the relationships built at the Fellowship to work together with others towards her passion for the development of Africa and the African people.[1]


Since 2016, she has been using print, digital and social media to expose human rights abuses, bad governance and corruption. She is driven by a desire to see, in her lifetime or by future generations, a peaceful, well developed, successful and dignified Africa and she is committed to encouraging others to be proactive and take responsibility for their personal, national as well as continental development. Because Africa's problems are similar and interconnected, she plans to expand her reach by writing a weekly column on African issues for a regional newspaper and by turning her Twitter page into a professional media platform for daily updates on human rights and social justice issues across the continent.

She is a freelance writer for a number of publications both print and digital where she writes about a lot of subjects ranging from Zimbabwean politics, economic issues and social geography. She writes for the following publications The Standard, ZimLive, Mail & Guardian and Daily Maverick. She also used to write for The Sunday News.


She has been vocal on social media through her twitter handle by he #ZanuPFMustGo. She said when she say #ZanuPFMustGo it means fighting to end state capture (army, judiciary, etc) and failure by Zanu PF to govern exposed by corruption, nepotism, incompetence, and marginalisation and inequality. She goes on to say it will be fighting a system of oppression that has eroded Zimbabwean dignity.[2]

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