Thomas Makion

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Thomas Makionwas a Zimbabwean musician. Makion was part of Maungwe Brothers together with his uncle Leonard Zhakata.


He was Leonard Zhakata's nephew.[1]


Despite being a group, Makion and Zhakata recorded albums separately.

In an interview with The Herald, Zhakata said Maungwe Brothers disbanded after he discovered Makion was rehearsing with another group behind his back, but Makion denied it. Zhakata said he left Maungwe Brothers after it became clear that Makion was going to leave. The two had always had an agreement that the first person to consider a solo career would leave everything including equipment and the name of the band. Zhakata was the first one to announce that he was taking a solo path and he left everything wih Makion.

Besides Makorokoto Makion recorded hits like Kuparara Kwenyika, Zino Irema and Ndaringa. However, his career took a downturn and by the time of his death his popularity has declined.[2]