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| nationality  = [[Zimbabwe]]
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| other_names  =  
| occupation  = Prophet
| occupation  = Prophet

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Thomas Muzira
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Known forRaping a six-month pregnant woman.

Thomas Muzira is a self-proclaimed prophet who hails from Triangle who was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for raping a six-month pregnant woman in December 2010 only to be apprehended in December 2014. In December 2010, the unidentified woman together with his husbands reportedly went to consult 'Prophet' Muzira.[1] Muzira prophecised that the woman was going to met her fate whilst giving birth. He then asked the woman to come back alone in order to be saved from the impending danger.

Complying to what the 'prophet' said, the woman went to Muzira two days later and to her surprise, she was taken to Muzira's room where she was ordered to lie on the 'prophet's' bed. [1]It was reported that Muzira stated that he was supposed to remove some objects which he argued had been supposedly planted inside the woman's reproductive organ by the devil meant to cause her death whilst giving birth.[1] Much to her surprise, the woman wrestled with Muzira in a bid to escape but her efforts were all in vain.

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The woman later on narrated her ordeal to her husband who filed rape charges against Muzira in December 2010. However, Muzira had relocated to South Africa. In December 2014, Muzira returned back home anticipating that his crime had been concealed, but he was eventually arrested. On 29 January 2015, Muzira was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment and 3 years were suspended on the condition of good behavior.

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