Tinashe Gede

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Dr Tinashe Gede

Dr Tinashe Gede is a Zimbabwean specialist physician working in the Covid-19 unit red zone at St. Anne's Hospital.


Tinashe Gede is a specialist of Internal Medicine who practices as part of Ecosurgica. Gede did his residency in the United States and returned to practice medicine in Zimbabwe.[1]

These are Dr Tinashe Gede's qualifications:

  • MBChB (University of Zimbabwe) 2007
  • MSc Immunology (Oxford-UK) 2009
  • MSc Global Health (Oxford-UK) 2010
  • Diplomate in Internal Medicine (American Board of Internal Medicine -USA) 2014
  • Diplomat. American Board of Internal Med. (Pittsburg-USA) 2014[2]


Dr Gede is actively involved in TB and crypto meningitis projects and is also a consultant at Parirenyatwa Hospital. Tinashe Gede works in the Covid-19 unit red zone at St. Anne's Hospital.[3]


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