Tinodiwanashe Chikamhi

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Flight Sergeant Tinodiwanashe Chikamhi

Flight Sergeant Tinodiwanashe Chikamhi was an Airforce of Zimbabwe aircraft technician who died on 23 April 2021 in a helicopter crash in Arcturus.


Flight Sergeant Chikamhi was from Chikamhi Village in Chief Nhema’s area in Masvingo. He was the firstborn son of Phineas Chikamhi. Tinodiwanashe Chikamhi had four siblings including a brother named Komborerai Chikamhi who in 2021 was employed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe as an assistant air traffic controller in Harare.

Chikamhi was born at Ndanga Hospital.[1]

Education & Career

He went to Mukanga Primary in Bikita, Rose Camp Primary in Bulawayo and for his secondary education he went to Mzilikazi High and Victoria High.

In 2013 he joined the Airforce of Zimbabwe as a trainee aircraft technician and graduated in 2018 at Manyame Airbase where he worked until the time of his death.[1]

Goromonzi Helicopter Crash

Tinodiwanashe Chikamhi died on 23 April 2021. Mapiye was killed together with two pilots when an Airforce of Zimbabwe Bell 412 crashed into a house in the Hukuru neighbourhood in Arcturus. Airforce of Zimbabwe commander Air Marshal Elson Moyo issued a statement offering his condolences.[2]

His body was burnt beyond recognition and authorities had to do DNA tests so that his family could get the body for burial/[1]


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