Tracy Samantha Carr

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Tracy Samantha Carr (left) and Norman Tyron Carr (right)

Tracy Samantha Carr is a Zimbabwean businesswoman and is believed to be an owner of Lewisam Motors in Harare. She was arrested for murdering her own son in March 2021.


Samantha Carr had a son Dylyn Michael Carr whom she allegedly killed after teaming up with her son, Norman Tyron.[1]

Murder Charge

Samantha Carr alleged teamed up with her son Norman Tyron and killed her other child Dylyn Michael Carr whom she accused of being violent, abusive and a drug addict, then buried the body in a shallow grave in Borrowdale.

The alleged crime only came to light when Norman Tyron who allegedly pulled the trigger started hallucinating after being involved in an accident. Samantha allegedly gave Norman a pistol which he used to kill Dylyn.

The two then allegedly dug a shallow grave behind the garage of their Borrowdale home and buried Dylyn. Samantha allegedly hid the pistol at Lewisan Motors.

The crime was discovered when Norman was involved in an accident and admitted to an unnamed hospital, where he allegedly started hallucinating and revealing the murder in front of hospital staff.[1] Samantha and Norman appeared in court and were remanded in custody to March 26, 2021[2].


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