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Tsholotsho is a district in Matebeleland North Province

Geographical location

Tsholotsho Political Constituency

Tsholotsho is divided into two political constituencies namely Tsholotsho North and Tsholotsho South.

Tsholotsho North

This constituency contains 10 wards which constitute of ward 1 to 9 and 21 of Tsholotsho Rural District. Professor Jonathan Moyo is the Member of Parliament of this constituency.[1]

Tsholotsho South

The constituency comprises of 12 wards which are wards 10 to 19, 20 and 22.[2] The Member of Parliament of this constituency is Zenzo Sibanda.


Schools and Infrastructure

Tsholotsho North

Tsholotsho South

The constituency has 30 primary schools and 13 secondary schools comprising of 5 A’ level schools and 8 O’ level schools. Of all schools and only Tsholotsho High Shool offers boarding facilities whereas the rest operate as Day schools. There are 6 health centers in Tsholotsho South namely, Tsholotsho district hospital, Tsholotsho rural hospital, Madlangombe rural hospital and Makaza, Bubude, Nkunzi rural health centers. The health centres are found in wards 22, 14, 17, 19, and 10. There are 28 business centers in the constituency of which 10 centers are electrified. One business center in ward 22 has a police post, and a sub-post office. [2]



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