Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary

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The Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary is a rescue and rehabilitation centre offering a safe haven to a wide variety of wildlife, farm and domestic animals and birds.

Contact Details

Location: 25km off Arcturus Road, Harare, Harare
Tel: +(263 774) 312 887 / 436 239, 071 680 1327


Animal rescue and rehabilitation. Twala is a registered non-profit organization operating from Arcturus, 25km from Harare. It is run by trustees Sarah Carter and veterinarian Dr Vinay Ramlaul.

  • Community Outreach Programme

Initiated by the high incidence of rabid dogs in the area, concern for the human population and out of control dog populations, Twala’s Free Community Vet Clinic provides a full range of veterinary services at no cost to low income residents of the rural area surrounding the Sanctuary. Twala has vaccinated over 2 500 and sterilized over 1 000, improving quality of life of rural dogs, reducing cases of distemper and parvo, protecting from rabies and reducing breeding. At the weekly clinics dogs are treated, fed, vaccinated, dipped and dewormed. If owners agree to sterilized their dogs, their dogs receive a weekly nutritious meal. Between 200 and 500 dogs each week are fed at Twala, often the only meal these animals receive.

  • Education

Twala provides education on conservation matters to the local population. In return, the community calls on Twala to remove snakes for release into unpopulated areas, alerts Twala as to the presence of snares, as well as bringing us small wild animals that have lost their homes to bush fires or tree cutting. Additionally, school children in the rural surrounding areas visit the Sanctuary at no charge. Twala supports the local primary and high school with donations of text books and other essentials.

  • Twala’s Volunteer Programme

Twala offers a very personal, hands-on African experience to overseas volunteers, including an additional programme for Vet Students. The volunteer house is superbly situated in the very heart of the Sanctuary in pristine African bush overlooking the lake with the animals right on the doorstep. Volunteers are fully involved in all aspects of rescue and rehabilitation. Vet students gain invaluable hands on experience in wildlife management and animal welfare as well as working closely with resident Vet Dr Vinay Ramlaul.


Further Reading

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