United Democratic Alliance
PresidentDaniel Shumba


United Democratic Alliance (UDA) is a political party formed by former Zanu-PF and United People's Party former member and president Daniel Shumba


According to the President of this party UDA.

“We have been on the ground for a while now,” he said. “We are launching the party within 14 days.”“For the record and in fact, the UDA and it’s President Daniel Shumba are not associated with nor are we a partner or in alliance with the said New Patriotic Front,” he said.“Vengeance, entitlement, and exclusivity in whatever package is not acceptable and will not drive the emancipation of our nation,” he said.“The nation requires a leadership that is ready to truly deal with the broader economic challenges, repeal of repressive and unconstitutional laws, effectively combat corruption in a non-partisan manner. People want equal access to opportunities and to thrive.”“The UDA will work with all progressive Zimbabweans in reclaiming our country. Democracy, constitutionalism, rule of law, inclusiveness are fundamental in fostering a new culture, new order, and a new thinking that is underpinned in Godly principles.

“So, clearly, we are not part of the New Patriotic Front or any attempt to recreate an old order in any form. Soon, in this month of February, we shall be officially launching UDA.”[1]


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