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*[[United Family Interdenominational Church]]
*[[United Family Interdenominational Church]]
Blogspot: gandadema@wordpress.com
Blog: [https://gandadema.wordpress.com gandadema.wordpress.com]
Email   : lloydhazvineyi@hotmail.com
Email: lloydhazvineyi@hotmail.com

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Lloyd Matema Hazvineyi

Lloyd Hazvineyi is a passionate research fellow with interests in in history, politics, livelihoods and contemporary debates. He is currently studying for a Masters Of Arts Degree in African History with the University of Zimbabwe.

Lloyd has carried out extensive research as an independent research associate for academic institutions and for corporate organisations. To date, he has a number of publications available online.

Lloyd has created more than 100 articles on Pindula and here are some of them;

Blog: gandadema.wordpress.com Email: lloydhazvineyi@hotmail.com