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*Frabjous Fling
*Frabjous Fling https://strugglingbookworm.wordpress.com/2016/08/18/frabjous-fling-book-review/
*Strangers Encounter
*Strangers Encounter www.radioactivetuts.com/2017/07/whats-poppin-with-poetry.html
*Da Valz Code
*Da Valz Code https://valzcognition.wordpress.com/2015/05/12/da-valz-code-poetry-anthology/
*Swimming Emotions
*Swimming Emotions http://fokusmag.co.zw/book-review-swimming-emotions/
==Latest News==
==Latest News==

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Valentine Tusai
BornValentine Tusai
EducationZimbabwe School of Mines
  • Mining Technologist
  • Author
  • Farmer
Known forBeing an author.

Valentine Tusai is a Zimbabwean poet, farmer and mining technologist. He is known for the book Frabjous Fling. Tusai is also the founder of the Curate Bulawayo brand on Twitter (@CurateByo).


He attended Plumtree High school, studied IT at BES college and then Zimbabwe School of Mines.[1]


In an interview Tusai said he started writing in primary school when he used to write songs, especially hip-hop and rap. He said that he used to win talent competitions for that. Tusai however took writing seriously after his tertiary education studies when he started writing and blogging seriously.

His book Frabjous Fling is a collection of twelve poems from twelve ladies who hail from 6 countries; Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Israel, Botswana and South Africa. The book is a story about a young man who has a fling with a married woman. This woman responds to his request in a poetical manner. There are twelve responses that this woman could have said and these come in the form of twelve poems by twelve ladies.[1]

Apart from being an author, Tusai is the founder of Curate Bulawayo brand. He runs the twitter account, blog and choosing of weekly curators. He has a panel of advisors and assistants that work behind the scenes.

Curate Bulawayo is an initiative that he started to bring Bulawayo natives on a single platform. The idea was of getting people to engage in conversations about Bulawayo on an online forum. He started a twitter account (@CurateByo) that has a different user every week that curates his/her view of situations.[2]

He is also the founder of Bulawayo Bloggers which organises Meetups at resorts around the city of Bulawayo http://www.sundaynews.co.zw/bulawayo-bloggers-treated-to-day-long-getaway/


Latest News

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