Walter Magaya
Walter Magaya
ChurchProphetic Healing Deliverance (PHD) Ministries
Personal details
BornNgezi, Mhondoro
ResidenceHarare, Zimbabwe
SpouseTendai Katsiga-Magaya
ChildrenYadah Makanaka and Walter Junior
OccupationSenior Pastor and Prophet

Walter Magaya is one amongst the numerous most celebrated self proclaimed prophets in Zimbabwe and is the founder of Prophetic Healing Deliverance (P.H.D) Ministries. Magaya rose to prominence in 2012 after his visit to T. B. Joshua (of SCOAN) who is believed to have anointed him to became a 'great' prophet. [1] His popularity increased when he allegedly converted Beverly Sibanda who is affectionately known as Bev a renowned poll dancer in 2014. Magaya has been a force to reckon with, out manoeuvring his predecessors Emmanuel Makandiwa and Uebert Angel. He has performed a wide range of miracles.


Magaya was born on 6 November in Mhondoro Ngezi and he grew up in Chitungwiza.[2] He was a member of the Catholic Charismatic group called Blood of the Lamb Christian Community (BLCC) for many years. Magaya is married to Tendai Katsiga-Magaya who is a banker by profession]. The couple has two children, Yadah Makanaka and Walter Junior.

The birth of PHD

Magaya began his ministry in 2012 when he returned from Nigeria where he had an encounter with T. B. Joshua who guided him to his God given mandate. Since then, Magaya has been performing breath taking miracles which are believed to have drawn the attention of many causing havoc to his predecessor's congregates. Magaya states that he was forced to close his Information and Technology company in 2010 which he had started after finishing his high school studies all because he was called by God to minister for him and yet he was waiting for T. B Joshua to ordain him. [3]

Miracles he has performed

Magaya has performed many miracles. The first miracle he performed was praying for the restoration of Mr. Nyandoro's sight. Mr Nyandoro was blind for 3 years.[4]

  • Cancer healing

During one of Magaya's services, Theresa Mandishaya from Nyamidzi in Nyazura who was diagnosed as suffering from breast cancer in 2011 and had lost one of his breast as a result of the disease was allegedly healed. Doctors failed to help Mandishaya and for three years she was unable to walk. However when Magaya prayed for her she was reportedly healed.[5]

  • Restoring Sanity

He reportedly healed a Chitungwiza man who had suffered from mental instability for 30 years.Magaya, went on to build a house for the man and appointed two people from his church to cater for the man.

  • Conversion of a Satanist

One Kudzai Damba was reportedly saved from satanism by Magaya. It was reported that Damba joined a certain Satanic cult in 2010 after being persuaded by one of his friends. In 2013, when Damba was about to marry, he was asked by the cult's leader to kill his wife, an order he fiercely refused. After being saved, Damba lost everything and Magaya vouched to take care of him. [6]

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Magaya and Bev

In early 2014, Magaya reportedly converted Bev and it was reported that, many people joined Magaya's church after this. Magaya opened a botique for Bev as a way of helping her to eke a living since she was no longer a poll dancer. However, the two severed their ties after three months when Bev was allegedly attacked by Magaya's bouncers.[7]

Night of Turnaround 3 All night Prayer

This all-night prayer was held on Friday 7 to 8 November 2014 and more than 350 000 people attended this all night prayer, undoubtedly making it one of the biggest congregation.[8] It was reported that, people from all over the country started to flock the religious venue from as early as 5 am and those from outside the country were in Harare a few days before the prayer night. The event was attended by several prominent artistes and some government officials. Some of the notable figures that attended the event were Zanu PF politburo member Tendai Savanhu and Zimbabwe Tourism Authority boss Karikoga Kaseke and Bryn Mteki.

Entertainment cum Prayer Night

The most unique aspects of the all-night prayer was a mixed bag of entertainment by various local and international performers. ZimDancehall musician Tocky Vibes performed at the event. The church’s choir was not to be outclassed as it did its own renditions of popular dance hall artistes’ songs like Winky D, Shinsoman and Tocky Vibes; throwing in lines like, “kuti PHD ndokuti church” (PHD is the church).[8] After Tocky Vibes' performance, Sabastian Magacha also came with his songs such as 1 plus 1 causing a stir on the worshippers.

Agatha Murudzwa and Mathias Mhere were some of the notable local artists who also performed. Benjamin Dube, one of the most celebrated South African gospel musician also performed. [3]The event was screened live on the church’s Yadah TV station and on the State-owned Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation Television.[8]

The Fire Prophecy

Magaya is said to have prophesied claiming that there would be a fire which would break out in the Central Business District in Harare near First Street. Two weeks later this prophecy came true.[9] No fatalities and damages were caused by the fire and Magaya claimed that he also prayed for that.


He donated USD $18 000 to one Pretty Xaba a Zimbabwean actress who wanted to go for a cancer surgery in India.[10] Magaya has also contributed immensely to orphanages, children's homes, old people's homes and clinics. He has also been credited for promoting local informal traders, vendors, and even musicians through inviting them to perform at his church.


Unlike most of the prominent self proclaimed prophets in the country, Magaya has been credited for his humility as he prefers to be identified as a common man who is anointed however.[2]

Political Affiliation

Speculations are rife that Magaya is aligned to the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU PF). Magaya has dispelled this. He however raised questions when he made a public statement that Robert Mugabe the president of Zimbabwe was God-given and people should stay loyal to him. [11]

Killer Crusade

Magaya was in the media when 11 people died in a stampede at his church crusade which was held in Kwekwe in November 2014. Witnesses said the incident happened as a result of stampede to get the anointing oil while some said it came after police shut all exit points, leaving one exit point open. .[12]

Magaya on Vapositori

Magaya denounced the Apostolic Sects and or churches which are popularly known as vapositori as marine spirits from the dark kingdom. In his book entitled Marine Spirits : Mweya Yemumvura Teaching, Magaya stated that,vapositori are derived from spirits that reside in the marine kingdom and they do not believe in the Bible, which is the manual book for those who believe in Christ.[13] Magaya further stated that, the marine kingdom is all about water and the fact that the vapositori's shrines resemble a marine kingdom (bottles of water which usually surround their so called holy place) shows that the vapositori are connected to the marine kingdom which is a kingdom of darkness. Notwithstanding this, in Magaya's church they is the frequent mentioning and use of holy water more like the vapositori. Moreover, Magaya argued that, the vapositori are prophets of doom as their prophecies are always about doom and failure of the church and or congregates.[13]

Responding to this, Johannes Ndanga who is the president of the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe described Magaya as the one who is possessed with demons and not the vapositori on the basis that he failed to for see the Kwekwe stampede.[13].

Addressing purported supporters who thronged the Harare International Airport to welcome Mugabe from his annual leave from the Far East on 22 January 2015, the ZANU PF Harare Provincial Youth Chairman, Cde Godfrey Gomwe denounced, threatened and warned Magaya for criticising vapositori. He argued that, even President Mugabe recognises and appreciates them, hence Magaya was treading on dangerous grounds as his attack on vapositori was more or less like attacking supporters of ZANU PF.[14] Some people criticised Gomwe arguing that he is trying hard to be like his predecessor, Jim Kunaka and thus he is poised to prove that he is better than him.[15]

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