Walter Magaya Event Timeline

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For the detailed article on Walter Magaya, please click here.

Walter Magaya
Nov 2014 : Holds a crusade in Kwekwe after which 11 people died in a stampede trying to get out of the venue
November 2014 : Holds an all night prayer dubbed "Night of Turn Around" which gathered a record 350 000 strong crowd at his headquaters in Waterfalls drawing prominent figures such as Tendai Savanhu and Karikoga Kaseke

2014 : Hires dancehall sensation Tocky Vibes to perform at his crusade
2014 : Magaya is the recipient of public commentary for allegedly "converting" Beverly Sibanda who is known for her provocative dance routines
2014 : Magaya is said to have cured a man suffering from mental sickness, after the miracle Magay provided a fully furnished house for the man
2014 : Magaya is voted as the 2014 most influential person below the age of 40
September 2014 : Magaya pays usd 150 000 to settle an adultery case with Denford Mutashu
August 2014 : Taken to the Zimbabwean High Court for alleged adultery
July 2014 : Magaya is accused of murder after the child of a Dotito woman died under mysterious circumstances at Magaya's church service
June 2014 : Is accused of having an adulterous affair with a married woman

March 2014 : It is alleged that Magaya healed a blind man at the Tokwe Murkosi
March 2014 : Bodyguards of Magaya beat up a Marondera man
2012 : Rises to prominence after having visited popular Nigerian religious figure, TB Joshua
2012 : Establishes PHD ministries after getting anointing oil from TB Joshua with about 40 congregants
2010 : Leaves the Catholic Church and starts his own ministry
2003 : Magaya allegedly discovers his prophetic healing gift

For the detailed article on Walter Magaya, please click here.