Willard Slimaz Magombedze

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Willard Slimaz Magombedze

Willard Magombeze who is popularly known as Slimaz is a Zimbabwean creative producer. He is the man behind many exciting videos that have excited music fans and he has shown his midas touch on Jah Prayzah’s outstanding videos.[1]


Willard Magombedze is the founder of Slimaz Production and also a videographer and photogrpaher. He is a married man.


He works under the name Slimaz as a videographer and photographer. He is also a filmmaker. Slimaz Production is a company that he founded in a bid to assist and promote the entertainment industry. He has worked with Jah Prayzah, Pah Chihera, Trevor Dongo, Prince Musarurwa, Alice Makaya, Bethany Pasinawako-Ngolomi, Sulumani Chimbetu, Nyaradzo Mashayamombe and Mathias Mhere among others. He has produced several videos which were hits on national television which include Betterman, Nerunako, Mai Bhoi, Runonzi Rudo and Mwanasikana among others. Most of his videos have won awards and others have been nominated for awards.

He also worked on the musical video by Mukoma Panga titled Chibhakera in 2020 which featured the versatile entertainer Freddy 'Kapfupi' Manjalima alongside his wife Mai Nga.[2] The video, which denounces domestic violence, was released on Youtube among other social media platforms where it was trending well.

He is the director and writer of the award-winning television series Tunga. He also directed, The Purse-Power of Prayer, an epic Christian movie that featured music star Jah Prayzah and was set to premier in South Africa.[3]




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