Winky D (born Wallace Chirumiko) is an award-winning Zimbabwean dancehall artist popularly known as the Ninja President for his poverty biting and poverty protesting lyrics.[1]


He was born on the 1st of February 1983 in Harare’s Kambuzuma surbub. He has a young brother called Trevor Chirumiko ( Layan Souljah) who is a producer and presenter.[2]


He went to Rukudzo Primary School and later Kambuzuma High 1.[3]

Music Career

Winky D, became interested in music at a very young age of eight and took pleasure in collecting ragga audio tapes and vinyls. When he reached 16, he performed at the Ghetto Lane Clashes which were are DJ battles that showcased the best emerging talented. This became his first performance and instantly made fans as he continued participating in similar plartforms.It is here that he earned the name 'Wicked Deejay' which was shortened Winky D for his powerful lyrics.[4]


When he started recording, his music had explicit lyrics and extolled violence, gangsterism and promiscuity. He however changed and started singing gospel music from 2013, and songs urging youths to shun using drugs.[5] Having born in the ghetto, his music now speaks of the everyday struggles of the ghetto child. He devoted his music to poor people’s trials and tribulations and pursuit of happiness.[6]


  1. Igofigo 'the Unthinkable' (12 October 2010)
  2. Twenty Eleven Singles Compilation (30 April 2011)
  3. Pakitchen (30 November 2011)
  4. Life Yangu (27 October 2012)
  5. Say No Single



  • 2008 Zim Dancehall Awards for h the song Rokesheni
  • National Arts Merit Award (NAMA) for the album 'Igofigo'(2010)
  • National Arts Merit Award (NAMA) People’s Choice Award (2010)
  • 2013 Zim Dancehall awards for:
  1. Best video-Vashakabvu
  2. Best Social Message-Mafirakureva
  3. Best Live Performer
  4. Best Artist and the Best Artist Manager-Banda.[8]