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Zebron Bus Accident (February 2013)
DateFeb 2013
LocationGweru-Bulawayo Highway
Bus operatorZebron Bus Company
Bus ownerZebron Bus Company
Damageboth busses

Date: Feb 2013
Location: 54 km peg Gweru-Bulawayo Highway
Involved: Zebron Bus and Truck
Deaths: 12
Injuries: 46 injured
Cause of Accident: Collision


The accident resulted in the death of 10 people on the spot. The other two died on admission at Gweru General hospital. The accident occured when the bus driver failed to stop at a road construction site. 46 passenegrs who were injured were admitted at Gweru provincial hospital in the Midlands Province. The driver failed to stop at the construction siteb resulting in the bus side swiping with a construction vehicle which was in the way. It was reported that the driver was given a stop warning at the 54 km peg but failed to stop due to overspeeding resulting in the bis hitting a stationery construction vehicle which had been stopped by the road construction workers. The bus had 58 passengers at the time of the accident. The police report on the accident indicated that “The circumstances surrounding the accident are that the driver of the bus was travelling towards Bulawayo with 58 passengers on board and when he approached the 54km peg, he was signalled to stop at a construction spot where the Group Five company employees were working”.[1]


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