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ZiFM Logo

ZiFM Stereo is the first privately-owned radio station in Zimbabwe. Its launch in 2012 signaled the 32 year dominance and monopoly of airwaves by the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC). The station became the first to stream online meaning automatically becoming an international radio that can be reached by international audience.


The station was found by media expert, Supa Mandiwandira and his company AB Communications. it started broadcasting on the 15th of August 2012. The station reaches more than 80% of Zimbabwe surpassing ZBC and other stations.[1]

Partisan Allegations

Just like Star FM, ZiFM has often been linked to the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU PF). Allegations were leveled at the independence of the station since, its founder, Supa Mandiwanzira is a ZANU PF member, currently a cabinet minister. From the onset, it was alleged that Mandiwanzira was awarded the licence on political basis especially when more than ten applications were rejected for no apparent reasons.[2]Despite the allegations, Mandiwanzira came out in the open to deny allegations saying it was his democratic right to support any party he wants. He went further to assure the audience that this would not influence programming at the station.[3]


Since its inception, the station had been commended for its unique programming and reportage of unbiased news. In 2013, it won a Victor's award in the 'Fast Growing Radio Station' category.[4]


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