Zimbabwe Defence Forces

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Zimbabwe Defence Forces
Flag of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces
Current form18 May 1980; 41 years ago (1980-05-18)
Service branches22px Zimbabwe National Army
22px Air Force of Zimbabwe
22px Zimbabwe Republic Police
PresidentRobert Mugabe
Minister of DefenceSydney Sekeramayi
Chief of DefenseGen. Constantine Chiwenga
Conscription18–24 years of age
Available for
military service
5,500,000, age 15–49 (2017)
Fit for
military service
3,175,000, age 15–49 (2017)
Reaching military
age annually
310,000 (2017)
Active personnel30,000; plus 21,800 paramilitary (ranked 83rd)
BudgetUS$95 million (2017)
Percent of GDP0.66% (2017)
Foreign suppliers23x15px Brazil[1]
23x15px Bulgaria[2]
23x15px China[1]
23x15px Czech Republic[2]
23x15px France[2]
23x15px Italy[2]
23x15px Russia[2]
23x15px Slovakia[2]
23x15px United Kingdom[1]
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