Zombepata Cave

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Zombepata Cave

Zombepata Cave is a national monument.Amongst the more conventional paintings of animals at Zombepata are numerous images of zebra, including one lying down with its legs folded on the body, which have been particularly well drawn. Also, sable antelope painted in yellow ochre with a white outline, baboons in white and more unusually, four white porcupines.

Why Visit

The most prominent rock paintings here are what have been called ovoids or formlings. Various interpretations have been applied to them which are explored below. Zombepata is important as it has probably the best examples of formlings in Zimbabwe, as well as images of animals not often seen in the rock art including porcupines, birds in brown and white, ostrich, white zebras and female kudu with red feet and pink bodies. Although in the north-east, Zombepata has easy access on good tar roads and a day visit could easily also include Tengenenge sculpture village, a few kilometres to the north.

How to get there

Leave Harare on the Golden Stairs Road (A11) driving towards Mazowe. Distances are from Mazowe Dam wall, 3.1 KM turn left onto the A12 (at the Tengenenge sign and keep following them through Mvurwi) 15.70 KM ignore right turnoff to Amandas (formerly Concession) and continue on the A12, 49.6 KM ignore right turnoff to Msonedi, 57.4 KM turn left for Mvurwi, 63.7 KM (in Mvurwi) turn left at T junction, 64.7 KM turn right onto a tar road, 89.7 KM reach turnoff on right for Chiconyora Farm. Please call in at the farm office and speak to Andrew or Langton and ask for permission first. Zombepata is on the northern side of the prominent granite mountain. The cave is 30 metres below the summit, facing north and reached by a fairly strenuous climb over bare granite from the base on the north side. Zimbabwe Caves And Rock Paintings