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[[File:Zuva Habane Pose.jpg|thumb|Zuva Habane Pose]]
[[File:Zuva Habane Pose.jpg|thumb|Zuva Habane Pose|center]]
[[File:Zuva Habane Outside.jpg|thumb|Zuva Habane Outside]]
[[File:Zuva Habane Outside.jpg|thumb|Zuva Habane Outside|center]]
[[File:Zuva Habane Photo.jpg|thumb|Zuva Habane Photo]]
[[File:Zuva Habane Photo.jpg|thumb|Zuva Habane Photo|center]]
[[File:Zuva Habane Pose 2.jpg|thumb|Zuva Habane Pose 2]]
[[File:Zuva Habane Pose 2.jpg|thumb|Zuva Habane Pose 2|Center]]
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Zuva Habane
Zuva Habane In Glasses.jpg
Spouse(s)Prince Habane.

Zuva Habane is a Zimbabwean social media personality and former model who is based in South Africa. As a model she was once Miss Gweru.

In March 2019 she revealed that she was once locked up in a house by an older man she was in love with and was abused.


Zuva Habane Pose
Zuva Habane Outside
Zuva Habane Photo


Zuva Habane talks about being wholesome