Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Book, stories from retail investors

Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Book, stories from retail investors

book costs 1000 rtgs send to 0777019942 (Albert Nangara), send full name, proof of payment and email address .


The book contains 25 stories from ordinary people who started investing in the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. From various backgrounds and experiences, you will see investing in Zimbabwe as it looks on the ground. As a member of the investing community seeing how some stories I was present for unfolded through the eyes of others was an eye-opener. This book is useful to people at any point. If you have not invested before and are thinking about it then definitely get your hands on this book. Those who have started can still learn a lot from the experiences of others including mistakes to avoid.

Albert credits many people with helping him along the journey and from our community he credits Claude Rango (The Financial Preacher), Alfonce Maketo (The Cent Maker), Tendai Moyana (MoxTendai), and (KingKGC). These and other stories have been included in the book.

At present, you can order soft copies via WhatsApp (263 77 701 9942) and Email with payment options of Ecocash (ZWL$1000) and Innbucks (US$5) open. The book is available via Amazon for international buyers on this link.