Company Registration in Zimbabwe

Company Registration in Zimbabwe
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Contact us if you want to register your business as a company in Zimbabwe. Clouditate offers you advice and required paperwork to legally operate a company in Zimbabwe. Having a registered business in Zimbabwe is very benefitial in many way.

Benefits of registering a company

  • You get access to funding
  • The ability to apply for tenders  in Zimbabwe
  • Seperating business and personal finances.
  • Protect your business name
  • Appear more proffessional to your clients

Types of companies and their differences

There are two types of companies in Zimbabwe. PLC and PBC.

PLC company

This is the most common form of a company registered in Zimbabwe. It comes with sufficient paper work and it's limited liability structure which makes it more preferable.

  • Mainly for medium and large businesses
  • One person cannot own 100% of the company. Accommodates 2 or more people
  • Can have a maximum of 50 directors
  • Comprised of directors and sharedholders
  • Has a certificate, memorandum, articles, CR^ and CR14.
  • Annual returns are compulsory
  • Has share capital
  • Audited financial statements

PBC Company

This is a lesser superior form of a company in Zimbabwe. Quite popular amomng small companies.

  • mainlt meant for small to medium businesses.
  • Can accomodate sole traders.
  • Has a legal persona of it's own aprt from it's owners
  • Can have a maximum of 20 directors
  • Ihas an incorporation statement and bylaws
  • Articles of association are not required
  • Does not require annual returns, can purchace a members interest
  • No fiancial statement required.

If you want to register a company in Zimbabwe, PLC or PBC Contact us on 0777221647


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