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Delphi Cars and Trucks Diagnostic Machine

Delphi Cars and Trucks Diagnostic Machine
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*Delphi Cars and Trucks Diagnosis Machines🧰🚘*🔥 Brand new boxed🎁. *$125💰💰*🔥🔥🔥🔥 *HARARE DEALS🏙️* App 0782850039 🚘The Delphi Machine is an all rounder machine capable of working on 12volts and 24volts especially with a bias to European cars thou it will work on Japanese Cars which relatively have simpler systems.😋🥳 _Buses,Trucks,Cars,Trailers✅_ *Models covered on 12v are👇🏽* 🚖Toyota,VW,Mitsubishi,Subaru,Mazda,Alfa Romeo,Mercedes benz,Nissan,Bmw,Peugeot,Volvo,Chrysler,Audi,Bentley,Jaguar,Honda,Ford,Renault,Lexus,Opel.etc *#Models covered on 24v are👇🏽* Man,DAF,ERF,Iveco,Scania,Sino,Cummins,Renault,Benz,Volvo,Benz,Hino,etc. *#🕹️The Delphi machine can work on obd1 and obd2 which makes it unique..** #📽️It is able to work on all vehicle systems Abs,SRS,SAS,Engine Climate,Instruments,Entertainment,Gearbox etc. #😇The Machine is bluetooth capable too..You will need a simple laptop or windows tablet. *Features and details* Read and Erase codes&SLR all systems(Petrol and diesel engine Management),ABS,Instrument Panel,Climate control,Gearbox Immobilizer,SRS,Multifunction,Central Body,Central Locking,Convenience Systems,Chasis,Infotainment,lights,Navigation,seats,TPMS etc - Vehicle Specifi,Programming,Key coding,ECU Coding,Injector Programming,Injector pump/Fuel pump activation. *Intelligent System Scan* Complete scan of all ECU/ECM's on vehicle platform,Configurable by system,Real time-data,Component Activation,Adjustment,*MIL Reset/Adjust mileage,and more*.Delphi supports 16-pole (J1962) diagnostic sockets and handles all known vehicle diagnostics standards.🔥🔥🔥 *Multi-Funcition* Reads and delete all system error codes and SLR,Display Real time data,Save and draw real time data,Intelligent System Scan,OBD2 Function,The pressure monitoring system,Deactivation and Activation of Braking System,Diesel system oiler code and more.Print and Save diagnostics reports.😻 *Compatible wth multiple models* --- with the latest wireless bluetooth technology,rapid diagnosis can diagnose about 54,000 car systems from more than 4,000 models from more than 48 car manufacturers.. Toyota,BMW,VAG,PEUGEOT,NISSAN,ALFA ROMEO,CITROEN,ROVER,MAZDA,MERCEDES BENZ,OPEL,VW,AUDI,CHEVROLET,ISUZU,FIAT,HYUNDAI,SMART,SUBARU,HONDA,JAGUAR,RENAULT,Opel,Isuzu and *MORE*... *Its a must have machine be it your are an individual or a Mechanic,Tenga spare part remota wanyatso maker sure kut ndiro rakafa* _It's an advantage to car dealers paya paunoenda ku deal remota unongoisa mushini woona mota pachena panekunzi mota kanyama nemaziso_j *You can make money too from this machine by diagnosing People's cars from $10 and trucks $15...Outskirts $10/15 a single small car and Trucks $20🧇🍻* *Money making machine. _🍒The machines are going for $125~ in Harare...App 0782850039.._


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