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⭕ *FARMERS, FARMERS-NUTRIPLANT ORGANIC PLUS LIQUID FERTILIZER* *Good for:* * *MAIZE, VEGETABLES, FLOWERS, RICE, FRUITS, RUBBER TREES, FARM CROPS, SEED COATING, ETC.* *It promotes* *✅rapid growths in plant* *✅high yield* *✅inhibit the occurrence of diseases and boost the immunity of plants* *✅reduces damage caused by disease and make roots complete and stronger.* *Nutriplant Organic Plus Fertilizer is opening a new era in farming through reciprocation to the nature and will be the milestone in enhancing human’s nutrient intake and improving environment factors such as soil and water for human existence.* *CHARACTERISTICS:* *1.All natural ingredients without any chemical additives.* *2. Non-poisonous/nontoxic* *3. Promote the fertilizer utilization ratio to increase by 50%* *4. Boost the yield to increase by 30%-70%* *BENEFITS:* *✅ Inhibits the growth of the virus and bacteria in plants* *✅ Inhibits the growth of fungi* *✅ Promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms* *✅ Promotes the growth of plant roots* *Improves the quality of crops and makes fruit fresh and ruddy.* *✅ Improves soil structures* *✅ Increases germination rate* *✅ Increases utilization rate of fertilizer* *✅ Enhances immunity of crops* *How to Use:* *✅Dilute into 1litre liquid fertilizer dilutes 1000 litres water.* *Nutriplant Organic Plus Fertilizer: “Organic Liquid Fertilizer” is the first organic liquid fertilizer granted registration number by NAFDAC (National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control)* *App/call* +263776678564 https://wa.me/263776678564?text=I%20Want%20Fertilizer _*Share With Friends And Collegues And Lets Make It All In 2021 bumper harvest*


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