Fun-filled day at Manresa Park

Fun-filled day at Manresa Park

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Drug consumption by young people is now becoming a serious cause of concern. Most youths are now resorting to soiled diapers and sanitary pads for cheap drugs, not to mention crystal meth.

Drug consumption and early pregnancies have a negative impact on young people. 

Teens are at increased risk for unprotected sexual activities and interpersonal violence while under the influence of alcohol and drugs. 

Teens who abuse drugs have lower grades, a higher rate of absence from school and other activities, and an increased potential of dropping out of school.

Our goal as an organization is to educate and enable teens to reject illicit drugs

Prevent youths from initiating the use of drugs and promote the prevention of teen pregnancies.

Join us for a fun-filled day at Manresa Park as we discuss healthy lifestyles with teens from 10 am to 3 pm

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