Kirsty Lounge Sofa

Kirsty Lounge Sofa

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CouchFlow Furniture's Pvt Ltd a registered company in Zimbabwe. "We sell anything to do with wood as prices and quality we're committed to satisfy your demands" Customer Hotlines: Calls: 0781275735 App: 0776767054 Kirsty Lounge price list: On Fabric $850US on Leatherette $950us on Bonded 85% $1.200us on 100% Genuine upper leather $1600us on 100% Genuine leather complete $2.200us Address: Highglen industry 10221 willowvale-highglen road Harare Zimbabwe NB: Mashwede village fuel station is our meeting point to collect u to our workshop and Showroom. its all 12 months guaranteed products with genuine material used for durability and comfort. #Place your orders now at Couch Flow Furniture's Pvt Ltd ,we also do repairs and school furniture manufacturing.

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