Online lessons

Online lessons

Distance is not a barrier!!  Wherever you are you can study and get your passes. We have students from all the country.

We have a team of high qualified and experienced teachers. They are all dedicated to seeing everyone one of their students succeed.

We offer both Zimsec and Cambridge curriculum

There are 2 options:

1. Learn in a group with fixed timetable 4 lessons per week

2. Learn as an individual doing one on one lessons with your teacher. Schedule lessons when you are available for the lesson .

Fees structure (per month)

*For option 1*  Zimsec - Group learning

Primary school  

All subjects $30

Form 1-4

Per subject $10

A level

Per subject $20

*For option 2* Zimsec/Cambridge - One on one


All subjects $40

Form 1-4

Per subject $20

A level

Per subject $30

Registration Procedure

Inbox one of the admins and supply the following details

Name of student


Subjects required

Phone number to be used for lessons

You will receive your quotation and payment details

After payment you will receive your Registration number and  will be added to the respective classes (groups) for the subjects paid for and immediately start lessons

 Once you have paid, for group learning the student will be added to WhatsApp groups for the relevant subjects with the respective teachers. For One on one lessons are delivered to your inbox at agreed times 

Lessons are delivered through WhatsApp

We use text voice notes pictures video explanations etc