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At AZtech we don't just slap a new operating system on your PC coz it's new,grab your money & kick you out🦵🏿😳😭 We make sure to install the best and compatible operating system that doesn't overwhelm your PC, giving you a smooth Processing environment.😃 We Got 🪟Windows 11 🪟Windows 10 🪟Windows 8.1 🪟Windows 8 🪟Windows 7 🪟Windows xp ...But that's not all 😃 We also got cool alternate Operating systems 🍏Mac OS 🐧Lynux OS ☢Ubuntu 🤖Android OS (yes,run an actual android OS on your PC...not emulation like bluestacks) We also offer custom modified Operating Systems to best suite your old PC or new cool PC💻 ▪️You want you old pc to look morden whylst performing fast ▫️A gaming oriented OS ▪️Or you just want a unique OS We got you 😉 Feel free to ask for any info on +263779540024


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