Overseas Studies Educational Consultancy

Overseas Studies Educational Consultancy
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🎓Study in Poland🇵🇱, Turkey🇹🇷, Cyprus🇨🇾 on Bachelor's and Master's Degree🎓

 Overseas Studies Education Consultancy 

💶Tuition fees: Bachelor's (2000 - 2500) Euro per year.

💶Tuition fees: Engineering Bachelor's Degree (2500 - 4500) Euro per year.

💶Tuition fees: Master's (2000 - 4500) Euro per year.

Academic Programs for Bachelor's and Master's Degrees include:

A) Computer Science

B) Engineering Management

C) Finance and Accounting

D) Information Technology 

E) Information Technology in Business

F) International Trade

G) Logistics 

H) Management

I) Marketing and Sales

J) Tourism and Recreation

K) Nursing 

L) International Business Management 

M) Programming 

📮Required Documents:

1) Copy of Passport

2) High School Transcripts (9-12)/ "O" level and "A" level certificates 

3) High School Diploma (if applicable)

4) Digital Photo

5) Bachelor's Degree and Transcripts (if applying for Master's Degree)

6) English Proficiency Tests are not required.

7) National Examinations (10-12)

👉For any other inquiry you may Inbox📩 https://wa.me/263772918253 contact +263772918253 ☎️(Makusha)


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