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Prime land and Buildings for sale

Prime land and Buildings for sale
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*Welcome to Fine & Country Zimbabwe. Fine & Country is a Global Real Estate firm which specializes on buying, selling, rental, valuation or development of land and buildings be it commercial, residential or industrial.* If you are *renting* or *selling*, we are just a phone call away from you!!

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*More Properties for sale*👇👇

✅ *Norton Galloway* stand- 2,145sqm- 23,000usd. Fully serviced area. Developer Cession.

✅ *Vacant stands* for sale in *Tynwald South.* The stands are measuring 350sqm and going for 19,000usd. Fast developing area!! Call before they are all taken. 

✅Vacant *stand* for sale *in Zimre Park*. Stand is walled 3 sides and has title deeds. Size is 600sqm- *27,000usd* . 

✅Newly building *southlea park* house for sale. 4 beds, 2 baths, 1 dining, walled and gated. Borehole. Sitting on 200sqm *Price - 45,000usd*

✅Prime land for sale in Westgate, Mt *Hampden* area. Measuring *5.6hectares* . The property is generating approximately *12,000usd* per month. Road frontage. Inbox for viewing arrangements. 

✅ House for sale in *Fidelity/SouthView* Park. Clean papers. 3 beds on 240sqm. Needs finishes. *40,000usd*.

✅House for sale in *Chiredzi* (Tshovani). 3 beds on 380sqm. Deeds. fast mortgage accepted. *40,000usd* negotiable. 

✅ *35* , 1000sqm+ stands for sale in Kwekwe, Hazeldene Township. Developer Cession. *$16usd per sqm*. 

✅Vacant stand for sale in *Nyabira* . Measuring *1,200sqm* . Asking 23,000usd. Fast developing area about 200m from Main Road. 

✅ *Acturus farm* with 4bed house. 15 acres. $790k

✅ *Harare commercial* building, 2000sqm. $500k

✅ *Emerald Hill Harare.* 5 beds. 4000sqm. $395k

✅ *Waterfalls prospect* stand. 3081sqm, $60k

✅ *Nyabira lifordia* stands, 300sqm. $12k

✅ *Tynwald South stands* Harare, 350sqm. $19k

✅ *House in New Marlborough,* Harare. 600sqm. $145k

✅ *The Grange* stand Harare. 7ha. $950k 

✅ *The Grange* stand Harare. 5.5ha. $720k 

✅ *Shop in Harare* City Centre. $90k

 *✅Bulawayo CBD, 4beds* with Commercial rights. 1388sqm. $280k

✅ *Industrial* Property in Donnington *Bulawayo* . 1200sqm. $280k 

✅ *New Ngoni* Norton. 3 beds. $80k

✅ *Highlands* cluster Harare, 3 beds. $295k

✅ *Eastlea* , Harare. 2 beds apartment. $70k

 *✅Hillside* Bulawayo, 4 beds. $140k

✅ *House* in Philadelphia Harare. 4000sqm. 3 bed. $360k

✅3 Bed cottage in *Cold Comfort* . Sitting on 2753sqm $100k

✅ *Hogerty hill* stands, Harare. 2000sqm. $106k

✅ *Helensvale* Harare stand. 2000sqm. $120k

✅ *Matsheumhlope* cluster. 3 beds. $330k

✅ *Famona* Bulawayo. 3 beds. $100k

✅ *Haydon park* Harare. House on lintel level, 4 beds. $75k

✅ *Norton Knowe* Phase 3 stand 2575sqm $25k

✅ *Zimre* park stand. 600sqm. Title Deed. $30k

✅ *Sandton* stands Harare. 1250sqm. $25k

✅ *Highfields* House For Sale. 4000sqm. $150k

 *✅Avonlea Stand Harare,* 1000sqm. $40k

✅House in New *Marlborough* , Harare. 600sqm. $145k

✅ *Chadcombe* Harare flat. 2 beds. $65k

✅ *Bulawayo* suburbs. 3beds. 1586sqm. $300k 

✅ *Industrial* property Masvingo. 2 acres. $300k

✅ *Hopeville* Bulawayo, 4 bed. 596sqm. $79k

✅ *Belmont* industrial property Bulawayo. $1mil

✅ *Masvingo* commercial stand. 3ha. $350k 

✅ *Waterfalls prospect stand* . 3081sqm, $60k

✅ *Prospect House Harare* . 2203sqm. 3beds. $110k

✅2 bedroomed *apartment Harare* CBD $82.5k

✅ *Southlea* House For Sale, Harare. $40k

 *✅Avenues 1* bed apartment. $60k

✅ *Budiriro Harare* . 3 beds. 400sqm. $58k

✅ *Granary Park* harare. 4beds. 300sqm. $40k

✅ *Chitungwiza* Zengeza. 3 beds. 190sqm. $38k

✅ *Southview Park* Harare. 4 beds. $37k

✅ *Glen Norah* A. 4beds. 300sqm. $35k

✅ *House in New Marlborough,* Harare. 600sqm. $145k

✅ *Parktown* House For Sale Harare South. 3 beds. 3 roomed cottage $180k

✅ *Nyabira Stands* . 300sqm. $12k

✅ *Burnside* Bulawayo. 6beds. 4000sqm. $750k

✅ *Selbourne* park Bulawayo. 4beds. 1420sqm. $150k

✅ *Commercial Land* in Harare South, just after Masvingo tollgate. 3ha. $300k

 *✅Boulders estate, Ruwa* . 4 beds. 1218sqm. $150k

✅ *Morningside* Bulawayo. 1808sqm. 3beds. $100k

✅ *Montrose* Bulawayo. 4beds. 1216sqm. $95k

✅ *Kadoma* . 3 beds. 1 acre. $85k

✅4 Bed in *Chitungwiza* . 300sqm. $33k

✅ *Land* in Ruwa. 1000sqm. $30k

✅2 bed flat in *Mufakose* . $25k

✅4 roomed house in *Pumula* South. 200sqm. $20k

✅ *Northend* Bulawayo. 3beds. 1447sqm. $82k

✅ *Bradfield* Bulawayo. 2 beds. $75k

✅ *Springvale* Ruwa. 400sqm. 4 beds. $68k

✅ *Bellevue* Bulawayo. 3 beds. $65k

✅Land in *Esogodini* Bulawayo. 25 acres. $100k

✅ *Matsheumhlope* - Bulawayo House $145k

✅ *Sunnyside* Bulawayo. 3 bedrooms. $110k

✅ *Suburbs* Bulawayo. 3 beds. $175k

✅ *Hillside* Bulawayo. 3 beds. $165k

✅ Stands in *Nkulumane* Bulawayo. 200sqm. $5600

✅ *Southerton* house. 3beds, 1 bath. With 2 beds cottage. On 700sqm. Deeds. *90,000usd* 


✅*Owners* of huge pieces of *land* who need investment advice. Make millions from your land!!

✅Stand in *Fairview* Hre west. Buyer has *30,000usd* cash and balance paid through USD mortgage. Must have *deeds*. 

✅*2 stands* in Harare with deeds. To be paid in USD mortgage. *Ready buyer*. 

✅Neat Houses for sale in Northern part of Samora from *200,000usd+*.  

✅Buildings to manage (vetted tenants available in our database). We have well experienced managers for you.  

 *Note*- If you need anything which is not in the catalogue or on the list, inbox me with specifics and will assist. We are there to cater for all your needs. Stay blessed🤝


Howard- 0782717929/071 967 1269


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