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roofing materiaks
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We supply wide range of roofing materials!! -Quality seasoned pine and nyanguvi timbers!! -114mmx38mmx6mtrs @$10.50 -152mmx38mmx6mtrs @$13 -228mmx38mmx6mtrs @19.50 -76mmx38mmx6mtrs @$8 -38mmx38mmx6mtrs @$3.5 -Fastening bolts & nuts @$1 for 3 -All wire nails @$3 per kg Safetop nails @$5 per kg -Asbestos fascial boards @$12.50 IBR :prices -IBR 0.4mm per metre @$7 -IBR 0.3mm per metre @$5.20 -Q- tile 0.4mm per metre @$7.8 -Q- tile 0.3mm per metre @$6.80 -Roll top ridges @$14 Call 0785680075 or app


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