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*Yes it's available* *As a market leader, TIMBER MASTERS AND HARDWARE* *Zimbabwe offers various building components ranging from ceiling boards, roofing sheets and building boards to meet your building construction needs* *In StockWe Have*: *CEILING HARDWARE, ROOFING SHEETS, TIMBER, DEFORMED BARS AND SO FORTH* 114*38*6meters $9 152*38*6meters $12 228*38*6meters $18 76*38*6meters $6.50 50*38*6meters 5.50 (purlines) 38*38*6meters $3.50 *IBR SHEETS* 0.4MM $7 per meter 0.3MM $ 5.50 per meter Q TILES SHEETS 0.4MM $9 per meter 0.3MM $8 per meter *DEFORMED BARS* Y10 Y12 Y14 Y16 *All available in stork* *CEILING HARDWARE* *Ceiling boards* $12 *Brandering* $3.50 *Set* $17 *Drywall screws* $8 *Bond* $18 *Cove bond* $30 *L ANGLE* $0.80 *TRACKS* $2.50 *Screen paper* $5 *Concrete nails* $4.50 *Wire nails* $1.80 *Contact Us On*: ☎️+263 785680075 *We also do cash on delivery*


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