💍s925 Sterling Silver Hexagonal 1 Carat Moissanite Diamond Ladies Ring

💍s925 Sterling Silver Hexagonal 1 Carat Moissanite Diamond Ladies Ring

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Ring size: 5 - 10

Main Features:
    • The mirror surface is brightly polished, and it is completely polished without leaving any traces.
    • The small gemstones are inlaid with microscope wax, smooth and shiny, not easy to fall off, and the main stone inlaid by hand is flawless.
    • Three-layer electroplating (electric thick silver + palladium + rhodium/rose gold/gold), not easy to oxidize, not easy to fade.
Applicable for all gift-giving occasions such as valentine, birthday, proposal, engagement, wedding, anniversary celebrations etc.

Package includes:
    1. Ring
    2. Free Gift ring box plus bag
    3. Deerskin velvet jewellery oxidation yellowing maintenance silver polishing cloth
    4. Lifetime warranty. Get free replacement in the event of any fading.


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