Self Defence Stungun Tezzer

Self Defence Stungun Tezzer

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*Brave Knights Security* presents🔥🔥 Buy from the comfort of your home or work place all your security equipment and items. Delivery is *free* in Harare and surrounding areas. Items on offer include: ▫️Blank defense guns $350🇺🇸 ▫️Gun holster $35🇺🇸 ▫️Security Tactical vest with gun holster $160🇺🇸 ▫️2 way radio set $95🇺🇸 ▫️Bullet proof vests $350🇺🇸 ▫️Metal detector (to scan pockets) $50🇺🇸 ▫️Baton stick with holder $15🇺🇸 ▫️Pepper spray $20🇺🇸 ▫️Hand cuffs with pouch $20🇺🇸 ▫️Leg irons $45🇺🇸 ▫️Retractable baton stick $45🇺🇸 ▫️Whistles $5🇺🇸 ▫️Knuckle duster $15🇺🇸 ▫️Taser/stun gun $25🇺🇸 ▫️Shooting taser $90🇺🇸 ▫️Pocket knife $25🇺🇸 ▫️Hunting knife (Columbia) $50🇺🇸 ▫️CCTV Installations & Operations Services *(Cctv Courses)* ▫️Firearm bullets also available from: Riffles, Pistols, Blanks, Pellets *We also have alarms and cameras in stock*🔥🔥 we deliver within 24hrs same day if you place your order early in the day. *(We also offer training and Security consultancy services including Firearm selling | Firearm Handling Courses | Firearm consultancy)* Call/App Tino +263776755808 / 0718960269📲 https://www.facebook.com/Brave-Knight-Security-Pvt-100719252693949/

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