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We are removing and buying vehicle Catalyst in and around Harare.

What are catalytic converters 

-  A catalytic converter is an exhaust emission control device that converts toxic gases and pollutants in exhaust gas from an internal combustion engine into less toxic pollutants by catalysing a redox reaction.

Purpose of a Catalytic Converter

The main function of a catalytic converter is to burn unburnt exhaust gases that exit a vehicles engine. By burning these unburnt exhaust gases,  a catalytic converter lowers the the emissions output of a vehicles exhaust. A catalyst does not reduce the levels of smoke from a vehicle but reduces the hazard or the dangerous particles in the smoke. 

Reasons or Advantages of removing a catalytic converter 

Increased Horsepower

- cars that have their catalyst removed experience an increase in engine horsepower. Catalyst create a significant source of engine back-pressure due to constrictive effects they have on exiting engine exhaust gases. Removal of catalytic converters allows exhaust gases to their engines much faster and at higher levels.

• Removal of catalytic has zero side effects to the vehicle if it's done properly by experienced personnel. 


•We buy according to make and model,  that is price depends on quality and quantity. 

• different cars have got different types of catalytic converter and so as the quality and the price. 

• We're buying from most petrol engines and some selected diesel engines. 

•Removal of catalytic converters at our garage is free of charge. 

No engine check light💡•100% Normal sound after removal•

• Engine Check light by pass available to  our clients for $20 only.

We're also offering DPF DELETE to our clients from $100 only. 


1. Low  Quality  $80 - $120 per kg such as 

• Hino Dutro • Hino Ranger 

• Toyota Hiace Petrol 1KD • 2 KD • D4D

• Hilux D4D 

• Toyota Dyna 

• Toyota Toyace 

• Mercedes CDI 

• Jeep 

• Volkswagen Amarok

• Nissan Navara 

• etc

2. Average Quality  $130 - $250 per kg such as

• Toyota

• Nissan

• Mazda

• Mercedes Benz


• Mitsubishi

• Jeep

• Peugeot

• Jaguar

• Honda 

• Subaru and many more

3. High Quality   $270  - $340  per kg  

such as

•Honda Fit old shape

•Honda Fit Aria

•Honda Crv Rd4

•Honda Airwave

•Nissan Tiida

•Nissan Note Old shape

•Nissan Sylphy New Shape

•Nissan Nv350 Petrol•• nv350 diesel

•Nissan nv200 and many more


Call or WhatsApp us on 

0780895677 or 0714417407 or 0788641202

We're located at  Eastlea Shops, corner Robert Mugabe road and Enterprise rd.

Contact Seller on: 0780895677