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Epworth is a residential surburb located in Zimbabwe's capital city, Harare.


Epworth settlement started in the late 19th century during the time when Methodist missionaries arrived in Zimbabwe. The Methodist Church acquired three farms in the area namely Epworth, Glenwood and Adelaide. Prior to the establishment of the local authority in 1986, there were 2 main villages, that is, Chiremba (Muguta and Makomo) and Chizungu (Chinamano and Zinyengere).[1]Rather than evict these families, as was the norm then, the church “allocated” each family up to an acre of land; however, this was more a permission to stay than a legal entitlement to the land. Four villages − Makomo, Zinyengere, Chiremba and Chinamano – developed, and over the years became known as the original villages.[2]

Geographical location

Epworth is a town situated 12 kilometres outside Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe.[2]

Epworth Political Constituency

Epworth constituency is made up of seven wards which are politically administered by the respective Councillors. It is made up of Ward 1 to Ward 7.[1]


According to the 2012 census, Epworth has a polulation of 167,462 people.[3]

Schools and Infrastructure

Epworth settlement has a wide variety of housing. Planned housing built from brick and mortar under asbestos is mainly found in the formal and planned settlements. On the other hand, housing structures ranging from semi-permanent to temporary makeshift houses are the dominant feature in the unplanned sections (Magada) of Epworth. In Magada, the housing consists of either pole and dagga units or structure constructed with green bricks (unburnt bricks). A majority of the housing is owner-built whilst some houses have been constructed through collective approach, for instance, under the Zimbabwe Homeless Peopleʼs Federation programme. Practical Action has also been involved in the construction of sample houses that are built from soil stabilized blocks (SSBs).

In terms of the social services,Epworth has a polyclinic located in Domboramwari and an additional new clinic has been established in Overspill. There are a number of schools ranging from fully-fledged educational institutions run by government and the Methodist Church to mostly unregistered private-run institutions that offer limited educational services. There are shopping centres within Epworth and these include Munyuki (Ward 1), Overspill (Ward 6) Domboramwari (Ward 3), Chiremba (Ward 1), Cornerstore (Ward 6) and Chizungu shops in Ward 4. There are also numerous small corner shops dotted around Epworth which offer convenient service with respect to small groceries.[1]

Famous people that live in Epworth

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