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Belt Detection Services
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*King Solomon Prospecting* 1* We carry out Geophysical Surveys to detect the minerals on all prospective mines and only those with rich deposits are recommended and we charge *$500.00 per 10ha Gold Claim* plus fuel from Harare. *2* We use a combination of *2* renowned machines including an *OKM Rover Gold, MF1500, DFS*. These machines have to agree that there is a presence of the desired deposit and we will recommend on where exactly to sink the shaft, depth estimates, belt inclination, size etc. *MF1500 Smart* - This is a long-range locator, which applies the principle of electromagnetic resonance. The machine sends a signal at the natural frequency of the chosen mineral. We use this machine to locate the deposits and rank then in order of perceived concentration levels. Detect upto *40m depth* (from 10m-40m). *DFS*- Accurately locates and ranks deposits *(0-150m)* *OKM Rover Gold*- This is a metal detector We use to visualize subsurface metal deposits. The machine is effective in estimating depths from 0 to 20m. Suitable for shallow deposits. *The survey Report will be ready within 3 days *Call/WhatsApp*

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