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Business Coaching & Private Lessons
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Business Coaching and Private Lessons


“If you empty your pocketbook into your head, no one can steal it.” - Ben Franklin

In need of Business Coaching services? Or experiencing Training challenges on Tax, Accounting or Statutory Compliance matters?

That’s not all…

What studies are you doing?

I conduct private lessons, crash programs in,


üTax Planning

üFinancial Accounting 1

üFinancial Accounting 2

How can I serve you?

Do you prefer one on one session? Or Group sessions?

Fill me in!

Are your committed and serious to pass your studies?

Tell you what.

Book your slot NOW for FREE. Let’s interrogate your situation.

How I do It

30 Minute Consultation Session: Unless, I understand what is giving you restless nights, your pain points, your challenges, your objectives and your expectations I’m not QUALIFIED to serve you.

A consultation session is an ideal platform to find out if we’re compatible. Critically important, if I’ve the capacity to serve you! Hence, I take the time to understand, appreciate and respect your reality.

I’m diagnostic, not prescriptive.

My goal is to help you discover the appropriate knowledge for your situation. And, prescribe the appropriate remedial solution.I’m very mindful of the fact that the duty of care is reciprocal.

Giving you a prescription before a diagnosis is malpractice. It’s not done!

Operational Excellence: I work every day simply to be better than myself. My goal is to see my students in a better position than I found them in. My guiding credo is that, once you’ve mastered the rules of the game, you’ve the power to play better. Challenge the rules or change them!

Admittedly, I don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle to your challenge. But as a professional, I know where to look. Unlike most business coaches and private tutors concerned about their image, I’m concerned onlyabout your results. I’m continually improving the quality of my substance. For, my success is premised on your success!

Performance Guarantee: Experience my unconditional guarantee on my services. If I don't see me demonstrating my ability to provide you with a superior benefit, I don't want to keep your money. I would do WHATEVER it takes to redress the situation. Or give you back your money and politely release you as my student.

Do you know why?

I’ve no right to detain you.

That is, as fair as I can be.

Because the success of your business, coupled with my livelihood is on the line.

Is that fair enough for you?

By Referral Only

But if you recognize and appreciate the value, contribution, and the unique and self-serving benefit I brought to you, I expect you to immediately contact at least 3 of your most valued friends, relatives, business partners, or members in your network. And, refer them to me.

Do you know why?

I recognize and revere what I bring to the table. I respect my craft, my time and most important of all my clients. And, I would like to grow my business by referrals.

Over to You!

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