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*New Version Available* In stock OBDII CAR DIAGNOSTIC MACHINES...Latest Version❗❗❗ *_Car DIAGNOSTIC MACHINES for sale $30us (Mini Machine wekuScanner zvirwere zvemota✍🏼)....APP 0782850039.._ *_HARARE DEAL🏙️🏙️_* _For sale $30us..._✅ *Including Machine,Pc Software disc and 4 latest Android applications🔥* *_Elm 327 OBDII_* DIAGNOSTIC MACHINE🔥🔥... 👍🏼SUPPORTS JAPANESE CARS FROM 2005 going up..✅❤️ 🤓European cars from 2000 going up..✅. 🤜🏼USA Cars from 1996 going up...✅ IF u don't have a laptop no worries you can use your phone to scan cars,,no data/airtime needed✅...U jst use the Application that i will send u...Android☑️,IOS☑️,Windows☑️,Tizen☑️ n more..inbox if u need more information..👏🏻 *❣️FUNCTIONS:* Read the diagnostic codes,both generic and manufacturer specific and display their meaning,,(Over 3000 generic codes definition in the database). Display current data sensor, includes: 🔷☑️CLEAR ERROR CODES. 🔴Engine RPM. ⚫Calculated load value. 🟠Coolant temperature. 🔴Fuel system status. 🟠Vehicle speed. 🔴Short/long term fuel trim. ⚫Intake manifold pressure. 🟠Timing Advance. 🔴Intake Air temperature. 🟠Airflow Rate. ⚫Absolute throttle position. 🔴Oxygen Sensor Voltages. 🟢Abs,SRS. 🔴Nav. 🟤Real time data. 🟣Adjustment. ⚫Delete Error codes. 🔴Save data. 🟢Seats. 🟤Climate control. .Sprk. ⚫Fuel system status/pressure. & More. *For only $30us wakutoita mazimari uchi scanner mota dzevamwe🍺🍔...* _💰WHOLESALE NOW AVAILABLE🟦_ *Also selling OBD2 Android applications* *app 0782850039* _Calls 0713936700_ *_🌇Harare,,Budiriro .._* Pictures

Contact Seller on: 0713936700


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