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COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT STUDIES PROGRAM   This program is being facilitated by EQUITY AFRICA INITIATIVE, and offers a Certificate in Community Development. It covers the introduction to, as well as values, concepts, and practices commonly found in the community development sector, showing how to consider community health in trying to understand community development. Participants will learn to identify and address serious issues, such as gender, mental health, empowerment, as well as social and economic issues and so on, in their communities.   MODULES INCLUDE: MODULE 1: Introduction To Community Development   MODULE 2: Community Development - Getting Started   MODULE 3: Community Development - Getting Organized   MODULE 4: Community Development - Communication And Leadership Skills   MODULE 5: Successful Partnerships In Community Development   MODULE 6: Community Development - Evaluating And Sustaining The Project   MODULE 7: Certificate In Community Development First Assessment   MODULE 8: Understanding Diversity And Inclusion   MODULE 9: Tools And Techniques For Implementing Inclusiveness   MODULE 10: The Role Of Ethics In Community Development   MODULE 11: Planning Health Promotion Programs   MODULE 12: Seeking Funding For Community Projects   MODULE 13: Community Development Second Assessment   DURATION: 4 WEEKS PLATFORM: WHATSAPP REGISTRATION: $10   Payments are made to: (Robert Chapata) 0782938897 EcoCash. Innbucks. Mukuru. EcoCash Remit. It can be in RTGS at the prevailing rate.


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