Detergent making raw materials

Detergent making raw materials
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*21 Herbert Chitepo Strt (Guni house Room 19 upstairs), Masvingo, Zimbabwe 

*Our  list for available raw materials in stock**WE HAVE NEW HIGH QUALITY TECHNOLOGY SANITISING DISPENSORS @ CHEAPEST PRICE IN TOWN INBOX FOR ORDERS**Tap the above link for viewing*1.Hydrogen peroxide(H2O2)2.Bermacol 3. Perfumes 4. Pine oil5. NP9   6.Bac 50 7. Petroleum Jelly (pure)  8. White oil   9. Glycerine(C3H8O3)10. Sless (CH3(CH2)10CH2(OCH2CH2)nOSO3Na)11. Sulphonic acid ( R−S(=O)2−OH)12. Caustic Soda(NaOH)13. Soda ash(Na₂CO₃)14.Dyes 15.Cobra wax 16.Hardener 17. Red oxide (Fe₂O₃)18.CDE         19. Sodium hypochlorite 12-15% (NaClO)20.NP6 21. Citronella oil 22. Ethanol (C₂H₆O)23. Black oxide(Fe3O4)24.Urea (CH₄N₂O)25.Butyl oxitol (BuOC₂H₄OH)26.Formalin (HCHO)27.Dolomite (CaMg(CO₃)₂28.STPP (Na₅P₃O₁₀)29.Kulu 10 30. Speckles 31.Drink conc 32.Amido 33.Tallow 34.Soap stock 35.Green bar liquid dye36.Adogen37.Sulphonic acid powder38.Sodium sulphate39.Red oil based dye``` All kinds of Packaging Available from 50mls-20ltrs``` 

*🔥Finished products also available*🔥🔥

•!!!!Training Training Training also available and registering!!!!!!*•We also disinfect at lowest price in town*

*Hurry while stocks last*

*NB* 1. Some of the chemicals are not involved in the above list but available2. Inbox for wholesale price list


Contact Seller on: 0778770281


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